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Benny Eitan

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About "Play it Once Again"

"They open (the album) with a fantastic duet of Tal Ornan & Dafna Levi Evan'
An insane Jazz-blues "Play It Once again" with a killer saxophone  solo.


About the band


The TalorMads Are a wonderful band, their sound has brought me back to the
big and strong sound of bands like "the Doors", "The Who", "Cream" Those
great Things…(Bands)


Review by Amelia Vandergast

A&R Factory


About "Nobody's Woman""

Nobody’s Woman is the unpredictably stunning latest single from Tal Ornan & The TalorMads. If Depeche Mode took their sound in a more acoustically ethereal direction, I’m pretty sure the end result would sound a little like Nobody’s Woman. 

About the Album


I love all the English section. Excellent songs with a meaningful theme –
Creepy nostalgia, unrequited love, the constant search for the….the attempt
to survive a difficult world ,the Politians corruption, and "We don’t need
another war". Exceptional arrangements.


Do Yourself a favor and keep an ear on Tal Ornan's songs. 

Ornan is not trying to be what he is not. He is an Israeli fellow singing
something in English, without an overkill (Exaggerated)  accent, I like to
call it

"From the waist" and I enjoyed every second.


Raz Israeli

Israel Hayom:


Don’t listen to those who tell you rock is dead. Not in Israel and not
anywhere else. There is rock in Hebrew and Tal Ornan is one of its


Yosmusic Hersonski


About Horoscope:

Tal Ornan is not dealing with interpretation of the text. The music is not
at all "Humoristic" .All his intention is to create a strong rock drama and he succeeds in that


About "Play It once Again"


In essence this jazz ballade radiates lyrical & melodic intimacy being
played in a comfortable tempo. In most instrumental jazz ballads, one can
hear a story though being wordless and a singing voice telling the story.
The words broadcast the mood. This is what happens in this song.  

Tal Ornan & The TalorMads Are succeeding in broadcasting that mood with the assistance of the wonderfull Israeli jazz singer Mrs. Dafna levi & the exeptional american tenor saz player Mr Joel Frahm.

The Ornan -  Levi duet tells the story in an occupying intimacy!




Noam Nayshool


About "Nobody's Woman" & "We Don't Need Another War"

Well done!

This ballad is a kind that has the potential to be kitschy and generic. And it is far, far from it!

Tal's voice is full of intent and truth, the production is polished and communicative, and although my taste tends to be more experimental, I appreciate and love such songs too, which you have probably heard before, but "such" with such a stamp and with such sincerity. It is likely that this will not escape your ear, as it did not leave mine.

I attach to the reactions - a performance of a live song that blew me even more, and will take you abroad

Waiting for more of it !!!!